Society spends $90 Billion each year on removing gum globally.

The Problem

Some councils spend over $1 Million each year on chewing gum removal which often requires entire city blocks to be shut down in the middle of the night. It also requires floodlights, pressure washers and teams of council workers to work tirelessly through the night to remove gum from our beautiful cities.

It is a form of vandalism.

It harbours bacterial biofilm spreading ‘germs’ and requires serious attention, which is mainly due to inferior science not being able to keep up with an issue which is plaguing the globe.

Singapore has banned the sticky substance.

Chewing gum is marketed to school age children who buy the chewing gum and take it to school. Thereafter, the school staff find the chewing gum firmly embedded in the courtyard cement, under the chairs and desks and the list goes on. Basically, chewing gum is found everywhere throughout our schools except the bin where it belongs.


The Solution

RemGum is an advanced Bio-Technology product that will solve the chewing gum crisis plaguing our homes, businesses, public transport and cities.

It is a simple formula incorporating amazing 21st century Nano and Bio technology that will actively penetrate the gum from the top to the bottom. By penetrating the substrate (e.g., concrete path) which holds the gum in place the Nano particles will “release the gum”.

You can then remove the gum in one easy movement with a scraper… leaving no sticky residue behind.


The Benefits

RemGum offers investors a ground floor investment opportunity which comes with a global market size of removing gum of $90 Billion a year.

There are plenty of opportunities. There is the retail B2C market which can be sold in any reputable store. It can also be sold B2B to cleaning companies in particular those commercial entities who have existing contracts to clean schools, council property, sporting facilities (such as stadiums) and other pedestrian inhabited infrastructure. The 2 key benefits of RemGum are:

  • Remove chewing gum effortlessly from surfaces without requiring pressure washers
  • Significantly reduces costs to treat surfaces thereby reducing initial and ongoing maintenance requirements.

Bringing Actions to Innovators

Exemplar Innovation and Con’s role in getting this invention to market is:

  • Identifying the product as a marketable product that is safe and based on new age Nano and Bio Technology
  • Undertaking a branding strategy that included product positioning and registration of the trade mark RemGum
  • Preparing the product for use and trial
  • Undertaking trial at a school in Sydney Australia
  • Making te first sale to this school in Sydney Australia
  • Providing Management and administration support including office space

RemGum is ready for sale and needs initial capital for the following purposes:

  • Formation of an Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC)
  • Initial stock
  • Rental of storage, packing and logistics facilities
  • Rental of office space for sales and administration operations
  • Staff costs

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