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Our company had invested many years of R&D into developing advanced Nano and Nano-Biotechnologies for the average retail consumer and we had very little direction on how we could take this product to market once our products were ready to sell. Exemplar was introduced to us as firm that could assist us to first register our new company name and to assist us in assigning a full board of directors to our new company from their own database. I was also allowed to screen and personally selected the directors. I was informed that my company had also qualified for the new Early Stage Innovation Company status which helped us to raise $100,000 from a sophisticated investor.

Now we are established with a brand name, trademarked logo, copyright protected and branching out globally thanks to the wealth of knowledge and experience that our new board of directors have brought to the table. Exemplar has now recommended Dream In Dream Out to develop our web-based marketing campaign which we are now pursuing.

They also helped us with our accounting services from Gameplan CFO who covered all our financial services and accounting requirements. 1 month ago we did not even have a company name now we have everything that we ever wanted thanks to Exemplar Innovation, their staff have been brilliant and I would recommend them to any new innovative start-up company.

Michael Al-Bahrani, Managing Director – Future Shield Pty Ltd

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