Exemplar Innovation has secured the right to distribute a brand new manufacturing additive called Nano-Disinfectant-Composite (NDC) to assist all Australian manufacturers to develop a Unique Selling Point or difference allowing them to expand and export their goods globally. This additive is breathing new life into the Australian manufacturing industry simply by taking ordinary everyday manufactured goods and creating new advanced Nano-Biotechnology products which are segregated as new Early Stage Innovation Companies (ESIC).

Any entity can enquire… from an established manufacturing company to an Innovative individual in any given industry. Fill out our form below and receive a response within 24 hours. Once the product is approved for distribution you will receive a copyright notice from our partner Intellectual Property Vault securing your new innovative product status ready for investment by our investor network registered on our portal.

The commercial business opportunities are endless as NDC is transforming global industries. New companies are being formed to sell manufactured goods which are now completely disinfected, anti-bacterial, anti-viral for the guaranteed life of the product.

NDC is extremely powerful and will prevent the super-bugs such as Golden Staph, Bird Flu, VRE etc… from colonizing on any given material which has NDC included during the manufacturing process.


NDC is so versatile that it can be included in any manufacturing process.

It is able to withstand temperatures of up to 1300 degrees Celsius. This enables NDC to be included in tile manufacturing to make disinfected ceramic tiles for bathrooms and kitchens thus eliminating the requirement for chemical disinfectants or detergents. Another example is where the NDC additive is included during the moulding process for disinfected plastic food containers that remains as an anti-bacterial agent. It will prolong the shelf life of food, preventing microbial or mould growth on the food or even toilet seats. It will provide a significant market advantage.

Have an idea that you would like to share with us then please do so as it could make all the difference to your existing business model.

Truly remarkable opportunity to place your innovative thinking cap on and invent the next big bright idea which helps us all save time, money and lives.

With this new manufacturing additive there truly is no limit to your growth. There are visible, realistic advantages in every industry and Exemplar Innovation is going beyond the call of duty by securing the rights of this product for your company.

Exemplar Innovation is opening the door for all Australian manufacturers to take part on a global stage.

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