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Exemplar Innovation was formed to amalgamate the experience of pre-qualified sophisticated investors with the amazing Australian Innovations that are now available, complete with qualification for Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) status.

The Exemplar Group formed Exemplar Performance Advantage Pty Ltd (Exemplar PA) in 1981 to assist local Australian businesses with performance improvement, corporate governance and financial literacy training. Exemplar Job Ready was introduced in 2008 and the Exemplar Group has since expanded operations to offer their services globally. Exemplar has witnessed firsthand the requirement for businesses to diversify due to the changes in their industry and to keep pace with new innovations that have shaken the foundations of even the most stable of enterprises.

After consultation with many of their clients, colleagues, associates and Government bodies the one constant subject was the Global “Innovation” trend that could prove to be either beneficial or a threat for local Australian businesses. Exemplar PA often found that Australian businesses chose not to adapt to new innovative trends in their industry which meant their existing sales orders and cash flow were at risk.

Exemplar has had the privilege of providing services to both established businesses and early stage innovators. Over the years, Exemplar found that both were in their respective industry for the same purpose… to deliver solutions to existing or prospective clients.

In 2016 Exemplar Innovation was launched as the latest edition in their long chapter of global good governance and innovation. With the ever-changing pace of Global innovation, Exemplar recognised an Innovation support service was required to help their clients incubate new ideas for the Global industry, here in Australia.

As you will see by entering our site and reading through the pages you will note that we have a diverse range of clients ranging from existing businesses, innovators, sophisticated investors, international corporations all coming together to help foster a healthy innovative business landscape in Australia… there are satisfying rewards for all participants in the Exemplar Innovation platform.

Far more than an innovation incubator.

It is the 30 years plus business experience and their international reputation that has enabled Exemplar to secure exclusive rights to innovative technologies which are readily available to their members, in order to design the next big innovation.

These new technologies need a visionary to bring them to life and Exemplar Innovation can provide all the right tools to make this happen… please take a look at our Nanovation page.

Exemplar has also introduced a new way of thinking about innovation so formed an Innovation Capability Team… more news on this in the next few months.

Exemplar often receives requests from both corporate and Government entities to build innovative projects globally. There are usually several new projects on hand that require these new innovative solutions to Global issues.

There are placements available for various innovative opportunities.

These placements close quickly due to the Australian Government Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) guidelines stipulating that no more than 50 shareholders are allowed in a private company to be able to qualify for the tax incentives which include Zero Capital Gains Tax.

Global Good Governance & Innovation

As I keep on saying to people I want to save the world. From what? From themselves! To help the less privileged… the poor people… through education.

How do I give back to my community? By being the Chairman of St Spyridon College which is a co-educational school providing education to about 800 students K-12. It was established in 1983 by the St Spyridon Parish of South East Sydney (of which I am also the Chairman), under the auspices of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia.

I am proud that the St Spyridon students come from 20 different cultural backgrounds. They all share an environment that promotes educational excellence. At St Spyridon College we prepare young people to take their place in a rapidly changing world with confidence and success.

In 2005 I released the first on-line skills tests for Directors that captured the need for governance at all levels of management and government. This then became my mantra……..to inform about rules and regulations, processes, internal controls and skills that impact on results, sustainability, social responsibility and the environment.

I have been involved with innovation… doing it differently… doing it better… for nearly 50 years. Always with an emphasis on simplicity and the betterment of mankind.

About Us
About Us

we’re innovators

How? Through innovation in:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Health care

… with an overlay of education and training on these 4 key ingredients.

Better safer food using bio-enzymes, drinkable water using rain water harvesting and nano filters to kill the bacteria and purify the water, renewable energy that will provide the power to do the cooking and allow us to live in a more stable carbon free environment using super critical water technology and health care that is derived from the first 3 items with significant support from nano technology.

we’re problem solvers

In 2010 I took my governance training program to India.

In 2013 I became a Director and the National Treasurer of the Australia India Business Council a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee that promotes bilateral trade between Australia and India. Why?? To introduce good governance practices to 1.2 billion people and to have an impact on the 500 million poor people in India.

In 2016 I spent some time in Indonesia and the Philippines introducing to the business community and government new technology for:

  • Rain water harvesting
  • Bio-enzymes
  • Nano technology, and
  • Super critical water

All are new technologies that introduce INNOVATION and are added to GOOD GOVERNANCE.


If we do not take care of the environment… the environment will be distressed and racked with pain!

Con Livissianis

About Us

our process

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  • Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Qualified Accountant Certificate

  • Declaration by Sophisticated Investor

  • Explaining New Australian Legislation

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